Love Affair

This modern type, extremely beautiful stallion has a mind that is seldom seen in a stallion - he is generous, kind, forgiving - he develops a close bond with his handlers and trainer. He has three great gaits and moves with lightness and grace. His athletic ability is matched by his intelligence, outstanding manners and rideability.

Love Affair is an extremely willing student with tremendous potential for competition. He is, as well, an exceptional choice for the breeding of tomorrow's equine athletes. He has already sired several premium foals, and passes on his extraordinary mind and disposition.

For his final approval by the American Holsteiner Association, Love Affair was required to enter three training level Combined Training shows - he won all three. (He was imported from Germany and received his initial approval as a two-year-old by the American Holsteiner Association.)

The names "Landgraf I," "Ronald," and "Cor de la Bryere" in his pedigree speak for themselves. "Love Affair's" dam, "Diana 23," was awarded State's Premium as a two-year-old and was Regional Champion with a score of 48. Second dam, "Jessika 2," produced the important stallion, "Goodwill," one of the highest ranked stallions in his age group in Holland. This is the female family which produced "Manchester," one of the leading sires of dressage horses in the world, as well as the international jumper, "L'Eperon."


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